Cognitive Recruiter

An intelligent solution for recruiters

"Find the perfect needle in the haystack"

Our goal is to help recruiters browse through hundreds of resumes with minimal effort, standardize & automate candidate data collection, and help select the candidates who best fit any job at hand. This is being done using state of the art data science technologies such as natural language processing for chatbots, self learning algorithms for candidate evaluation and intelligent text parsing modules for data extraction from unstructured information.

Employability score

There is an existing challenge in accurately judging whether a particular candidate is the best fit for the job and the company culture. Using iPredictt's data science stack for Natural language processing and self learning algorithms, we generate an Employability score that assists recruiters to separate quality hires from the rest.

Probability of Decline

Offer decline is a problem faced by every recruiting team. As high as 35% drop rate is experienced by some corporates. Using shortlisting criteria and a specialised predictive algorithm, we enable a recruiter to forecast the chance of candidates declining or withdrawing from the given offer. This helps recruiters cut down on time and effort


Bulk processing
Process hundreds of resumes
at the same time
Accurate parsing
Extract data from unstructured candidate information
JD Standardization
Standardize the process of describing a job requirement accurately
Automate candidate data gathering using an intelligent chat panel
Cultural Fit
Customize the algorithm to prioritize specific cultural traits.
Employability score
Assess quality of hire based on qualifications, experience and social skillsets
Decline probability
Predict the chance of a candidate declining given offer

Cognitive Recruiter

Brief explanation about Cognitive Recruiter simplifying recruitment process.